Momma Dragon

I refuse to live a life that I don’t want my children to live.

I want my daughter’s to find a good man.  One who respects them and honors them.  I want them to marry before they are intimate with that man.  I want them then to have children and live forever with that man and raise those children the way God made them to be a parent.  It won’t be my way, it will be there way – their parenting.

If I want my daughters to live this life (the boy too), then I refuse to live differently.  Yes in today’s day, I am seen as different.  Probably even weird.  But I know this is the way God meant for it all to be and I am going to follow that the best I can every day of my life.  I’m going to go against the norm and stand for my beliefs that are…against the norm.  If I want them to live it, then I am going to live for them and for me.

I don’t want my children getting drunk, high or to fill their lungs with smoke.  I won’t do it.

I don’t want my children cursing, hating people, bullying, acting like arrogant bums.  So I put every effort into living it.

(Before you start hating – I am not even close to perfect.  Everyone struggles with one thing or another.  These are not my struggles, my struggles are more subtle and ones that I am continuously working on.  I have been asked and judged many times about why and how I chose to live the way I do. And this is part of the reason.)

I want my children to love,  forgive, live passionately, with fervency and intensity, fearlessly.  Focus, be determined,never give up, dream, and chase those dreams and goals, believe the impossible and have faith, morals, and integrity.  So I will do the same.  Even when I fail at these things, when I fail in other areas of my life, I will get back up.  I will learn, grow, change and continue to live this life to it’s fullest because I cannot expect my children to live a life differently than I have showed them.  I am after all their leader.  The trainer of my little dragons.  The momma dragon.


Live Fearlessly



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