It Can Wait

Today we purposefully shut down.  After breakfast we pulled out the lego.  All the lego.  Three bins to be precise.  One of the few remaining things I have from my childhood and from the kids childhood because in our big move two years ago we left everything but three suitcases and three bins.  I was blessed to have my lego returned to me.  A small thing, a weird thing, but oh so thankful!  Such great memories with my dad building with these very legos.  Great memories with my children’s dad building legos.  And today we continued that tradition.

A forest, a tower, and a house were todays creations.

Today was a day of just us, no hustle and bustle, that time is soon coming.  No major chores, no pulling people by the ear to do their chores, allowing the chaos of the house to be ok, no running around doing errands, no adventures, just being together whatever that may be.

We got a surprise package  in the mail from the kid’s Poppy, a keyboard!

It’s wonderful listening to the kids worship.  “I’m playing for God,” said the three year old.  Especially wonderful when the keys are actually played with care and not some crazy rock out metal effect that they sometimes go for.

Lego, keyboard, multiple dance parties, barbies, cars, reading, and ended with a movie night.  It’s good to shut down our lives and just be together no matter the price of a back logged to do list or chores.  The groceries, bank, school shopping, van fixing, cleaning, sermon making, business planning, budgeting, life managing and doing stuff can wait a day.  It can wait.

I feel a time of craziness is coming so I will enjoy the calm before the storm.



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