How do you know where you are supposed to go and what you are supped to do and who you are supposed to be?

I 100% believe that we were made with a purpose, with a reason.  That there is a perfect plan for us to walk out, but it’s totally up to us to choose to walk it out.  If we fail to get to one part I believe we can get back on track and finish out this thing called destiny and get to our final destination.   But it’s our choice.  If every single step and day was planned out and orchestrated by God then what is the purpose of it all?  What is the purpose of choosing to believe Him when He could force us to believe Him?  What is the purpose of Adam and Eve and the fruit if He could have forced them to not eat it?  What is the purpose of this thing called life if every moment of every day He has already decided what we will do, where we will go and what we will come up against?  What’s the point?  It’s not really our life then.  We are just little pawns with no choice and no control.

We aren’t God’s robots with Him at the controls.  Yes He has an amazing blueprint for our lives, but just as a contractor isn’t forced to follow the architects blueprint, we aren’t forced to follow God’s plan for our life.  Just as a contractor who doesn’t follow the blueprint will mess things up, cause delays, cause problems, cause instability so we do too.

That is God’s sovereignty to us.  Choice.  Otherwise He never would have given us the option to “believe in our hearts”.  Believe means to have confidence in.  Believe conveys that you have a choice to believe or not to believe.  If He wanted robots forced to do His will He never would have given Adam and Eve the option of choosing His will versus not His will (the forbidden tree).   He wants a people that willingly choose to follow Him and love Him.

Having said all this and knowing that is our choice to follow His perfect plan how do we know what His perfect plan for our own individual lives is?  If we aren’t content living life like many other people, if we want more and know we are made for more how do we know where to find that more?  Where is our promised land? How do we get there?

How do we know when we are to stay and when we are to go?  When we know we are to go how do we know where?  Doing what?  How?  How do we know where His perfect plan is leading us and how to get there?

I suppose it all comes back to choice.  Choosing to believe that if He is our Father, our Leader, our King, our Lover that He has the best plans for us and choosing to trust that.  Also choosing to believe that when we trust Him that He also speaks to us and that we know Him and His voice and therefore being as tight as we are we hear Him.  If you are tight with someone you trust them, you listen to them, you heed their words, take their advice and pay attention to their wisdom.  Choose to trust the voice, the peace, the urges, the Word of God and that will lead you in the perfect path.

Mess up?  I don’t think there is one single person that has gotten every single step of their life right, just choose to believe again.

Little thoughts from my life right now amidst 2 week long colds, disappointingly dirty house, ordination paperwork, video editing trudging, counseling appointments, ADD research and testing, divorce proceedings, childhood bullying heartache, first birthday party invitation receiving excited-ness, Christmas preparing amongst many other things.  Life is busy but it’s always good because I choose to make it good.



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