Jesus was Birthed.

Writing brings healing.  Sometimes just getting out releases the build up inside of you and makes room for the healing or encouragement or light to shine in.

I live with my parents.  I love them to pieces, I am thankful for them, at this moment in my life I wouldn’t have it any other way, but…I live with my parents.  It brings a whole new level of patience to life, a whole new set of self-imposed time outs, a whole new balancing act, balancing two groups of shared lives.  Some days it is a breeze and some days I am literally on my knees asking God to show me how to deal with a situation.

My biggest dream as a child and teenager was to be a wife.  Never did I imagine divorce would be on my plate.  It does not define me, but it is rapidly approaching to becoming a piece of my story.  With this brings a whole new level of grown up-ness that is painful and something I just have to hike up my panties and do.  Co-parenting, international co-parenting, child support, possibilities of step-parents, differences in morals and lifestyles, yet somehow I have to take the high road and do what I know is right wether it’s painful, hard, a punch in the gut or not.  Because it’s right and because it’s best for my children.

Providing for and taking care of all the needs of four children is difficult.  Plain and simple it’s difficult.  Amazing, fulfilling but difficult and if you aren’t careful that stress will sit on your shoulders and dig in.  Don’t let it.  You are doing the best you can and that’s all we can do and it’s just what is needed.

Not knowing what you want to do when you grow up…yet you are already grown up is also a challenge.  Worse yet, knowing what you want to do but not knowing how to get there.  Trust God.  That’s the only thing to do in that case. Then obey Him.

He is faithful.  This Christmas as I think about God’s Son, Jesus, up above who was sitting in Heaven.  He had a comfy chair, all the praise and luxuries He could ever desire.  He had the finest of everything, the clothes, food, fabrics, workmanship, friends, family, angels at His beckoning call.  He had it all.  Yet He willingly left His fine clothes, the praise, the luxury, His maturity, His grown manhood and submitted to being placed in a woman’s womb.  That very same God, Jesus,  that 9 months ago was sitting in Heaven beside His Father was gruesomely pushed out from a woman like nearly every other human being.  That Jesus submitted to being an infant and being wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in an animal trough.  He was ok with someone wiping his bottom, puking on His momma, someone teaching Him how to pee, how to eat, how to read and write.  He submitted to being a toddler, a child, and oh those teenage years.  That Jesus that had it all, gave it all up including His manhood for us.  So He could come as a human, live as a human, grow as a human, so us humans could follow Him and so He could live with us Humans forever…or us with Him forever.  He gave up His throne, to be birthed, infant hood, toddlerhood, childhood, teenage hood and then be tortured and die.  All for us.

If He is so faithful to give that all up for us, to do that all for us.  He is still faithful to this day to get us through whatever we need, otherwise that birth of Jesus was all in vain.

Let’s not let that birth of a God who was once a full grown man in Heaven be in vain.  Let’s continue to trust Him.  He is faithful.  He will take care of me.

Merry Christmas.




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