Every once in a while I get this urge to simplify.  Then I think, how am I supposed to simplify?  What can I get rid of?  What can I purge?  What can I remove from my life?  And then I find there is nothing I can remove easily or that won’t negatively impact our lives and wonder then why does my life feel so incomplete?

I seem to be stuck in this place of uncertainty.  A place of not sure where I am supposed to be focusing or what I am supposed to do or what I’m supposed to do in the future.  I used to know, but with no forward motion it disappears from view.

I imagine my friend living in the middle of nowhere in a cute little farm house, decorated perfectly and simply…white…lots of white.  With no battery operated toys, no tv, no movies, homeschooling and it feels so simple and laid back.  I dream it, but to actually live it?  That’s another story and although it sounds so easy, I know it is a harrowing endeavor to not rely on tv for entertainment, to have no break from your children via public school, and to be out in the middle of nowhere, alone.

There comes a time for everything.  When pregnant there is a time of nesting, purging, cleaning and then comes a time of intense pain and then the throws of infant hood.  There is a season for everything.  I have come to the conclusion that I am in a season of change, a season of simplifying, refocusing, but first figuring out what I am to be focusing on.  There is no point in doing something that you weren’t made to do, or are no longer supposed to be doing.

We have a limited time here therefore we might as well use it most effectively and in a way that brings us pleasure and fulfillment.

Seasons change and paths change and it’s ok.  Sometimes you just need to do what is best for you and for your little people.  It’s ok.  Here is to change and new adventure.

Make it plain. Write it.
Writing to her pen pal that lives on the farm. Simple.

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