Boogers, coughing, vomit, poop, fevers, sweats, chills, naseau…day 16…I should just leave it right there.

It will end eventually..for good…not just the like the stomach flu did and then a day later this other “thing” came with instant fevers of 103, but gone for good!

Having to cancel your daughters birthday party?  Mom guilt right there.

As I said.  Even the crappiest stuff in life can’t stay forever.  The hottest days of the year don’t last forever, nor do the coldest.  They are just there for a day.  For a season.

Sickness, it’s just here for a passing time and it will fade too.

Things are always changing, coming and going, seasons happen.

Today we said goodbye to some special people in our lives.  The people God had purposed for us to meet and impact as a church.


Our season in this town is rapidly ending and a new one is about to begin.

On the brink of scary, yet knowing that there is no scary with God.  He has a plan, a purpose, a house, provision, new friends, new church, new ministry, new schools.  He has it all perfectly planned and I will continue to trust Him.  This means I do not worry.  I trust that He has it all worked out.  All I have to do is follow and obey.

So karate is finished, ministry is changing and new houses are being sought after daily as we get ready to transition to a new town two hours away.

Adventure is exciting, following God’s plan for my life is exciting, having a peace is knowing that the right choice has been made.

God has something big and good, for you and for me.

Cheers and here is to the end of this season and on to a new one.


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