That Homeless Man

Every time I see a homeless person by a street light I try to find what I can in the bottom of my wallet and give it to them.

The other day I did so and the kids once again asked why I am giving that man money and why he is there.

I never have much of a response other than something like, sometimes people have a hard time in life and don’t have a home.  We are on this earth to show people love so I give them what I can.

This morning I was thinking as I read my Bible.

There was a time in the early church when the pastors were so busy that the widows in the church were getting neglected.  The pastors had to come together and make a decision and delegate a leader to specifically take care of the widows (specifically the food distribution to those that needed it.)

Why did the people need to take care of the widows?  Shouldn’t they have been able to take care of themselves?  Raise their own children, feed them, clothe and house them, make an income, or if they are older to take care of themselves, nurse themselves, and do it all?  That’s the view of todays society.

No. The church knew that they were to take care of the widowed and orphaned (those that had no one else).  Parenting is a team effort between two people and living life was meant to be shared between two.  The church so long ago knew the difficulties of parenting alone, the impossibilities.  It knew the elderly shouldn’t be alone.  It knew it’s responsibilities as a church was to love people. And by loving these people they showed up and lived it.

They provided food, helped, nursed, made sure the widows and their children weren’t starving and were taken care of.  In Acts 6 it says that the widows were neglected in the daily food distribution.  They daily showed God’s love by feeding every person, including the single moms, that needed it. Every single day.

What does this have to do with the homeless man?

I am in this modern day and age a widow, my husband did not die, but he is not currently in my life or my children’s lives in any manner that he should be.  I have a very small handful of precious friends who live out this portion of the Bible.  Who know that it is the job of the church to take care of the widows.  I asked a friend as she payed for my breakfast why?  She reminded me that it is the churches job to take care of the widows and it’s ok for me to accept it and that I’m not supposed to do this life alone.  Love.

This gesture brought great revelation that I am loved and that I’m not alone.  Even though these friends live quite a distance away.  The ones who buy the kids and I meals, the ones that take care of us, buy special kid friendly cups, candy canes the size of the kids heads,  buy the extra bag of chips.  The ones that let my kids cling to them, hug them, hold them, watch incredibly irritating kids shows because my kids like them, that get on the floor with them and play.  The ones that show us what love is, with no reserve.  They bring hope to my life.  They remind me that I too am loved and am not alone and that life is meant for so much more.   All because they live that love out loud.

This is why when I see the homeless man, I dig deep.  It’s not much, but if I can bring a little of that hope, that reminder that they aren’t alone, that love to their lives. Then I am living part of my purpose on this earth and doing what I am here to do.  Love.  I do it because I love that person with the God kind of love.  I do it because I am called to.  It’s not my place to judge them.  To not give because they might be cons, they might go waste the money or drinks or drugs.  That is not my place.  My place is to love and I will do it every chance I get.  Even if it’s only a dollar to the man sitting at the street light.







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