Superhero barbies, play kitchens, mud, chocolate chip pancakes, forts, playdoh, hiding from the “storm”.  6 kids.  4 hours.  Successful playdate.  No mom guilt today!

Seeing the kids so happy and playing together is such a wonderful feeling.  There is so often bickering and fighting and yelling this reprieve is wonderful.

Not all playdates are this wonderful, but we’ve never had a friend for each big girl at the same time.  It seems to work.  All 6 are successfully playing together willingly.  Yes! It’s my lucky day.


The sun finally broke through this week and the sweater weather arrived!  As the sun broke through the darkness in my life seemed to evaporate!  It is a wonderful feeling.

Sometimes you have to force yourself out of the house for your own well being.  I forced myself to get this body moving and two days in a row we walked/biked to the park.  It was wonderful.  No phones, just me and the kids.  Getting my body moving is necessary.  I want to live a long life with my kids.  Getting out is necessary.  It brightens my day, lifts the spirits and brings me joy.

Thank you Jesus for the sunshine, the blues washed away by the sunshine, the time spent with my children, and the excuse to get my body moving.  Thank you Jesus!


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