The Unusual Child

When my eyes were finally open enough this morning, I noticed A’s attire.  I suggested that if she were to wear a pair of blue jeans instead of her rainbow cheetah print pants her shirt would stand out more.  Her blue, red and white striped, american, tutu inspired and huge flower on the front shirt would be the star.  Her reply…”This is what I like.”

That ended that conversation.  There is no way that I will ever purposefully force my child to change who they are.  A, she is an unusual child.  Unusual being amazing and a good thing.  If we were all refined, stylish, and sophisticated this world would be a boring place and my life would be very very dull.

This child that does random happy dances, that wakes up at 5:30am ready to party, that sings constantly, that rides the plasma car down the hill full speed, that laughs hysterically, that says the darndest things, that wears the wildest outfits, skips most places, talks to everyone and brings joy everywhere she goes.  My goal is to encourage her to embrace her amazing-ness and never change.

Be who you are.  God made you amazing and special.  There is no other you.  There is no other A and the world needs you and the world needs her, just the way she is.


We embraced our craziness tonight, with a crazy hat dance party…using all of A’s everyday winter hats! …I was the winner with the best hat and dance moves! Boo ya!  Be you.



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