The Time has Come!

We are moving!

A week ago today, my dad and 2 babies and I drove to a small town of 5000 to check out a house mom thought might be ok.  I wasn’t going into it expecting much, but I long for adventure and that’s all I could get so I took it! Road trip!

The drive was..more turbulent than any airplane I’ve been on.  Talk about wind.  It was so windy in fact that when we ran into Tim Hortons to go potty we danced around trying to activate the motion censored lights, later to realize the whole Tim Hortons had no electricity…wait the whole entire town.  You know it’s small when the whole town goes out.

Dad and I walked into the house and we looked at each other and knew that was it.  It would work.  Best part?  The kids and I get the main floor this time!  Boo ya! He said, “I can see us living here.”  I whole heartedly agree.

For a year I knew that our time where we are was coming to a close.  I knew it was going to happen quick.  I didn’t know when or how or even why, but I knew it was.  When you know something you just have to trust God that He will do His business.

A week ago we looked at the house for the first time.  In 19 days we move.  19!  Have you packed a 3000 sq foot house in 3 weeks?   Jimminy.  Pack, arrange schools (who made March break this week?!), arrange movers, address changes, notify dance, swimming, arrange a french tutor so P can attend french school, holy cowabunga dude!

But it’s all working out.  When you trust God’s timing everything falls in place and if there is a hiccup just keep trusting Him, He’s pretty big.




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