That moment suspended in time where nothing you can think, say or do will stop the momentum of the herd from ushering the smallest dragons face into the corner of the table.

Momentum…something that once started is hard to stop or alter course.  Like the momentum of such a speedy move.  The packing, selling, movers booked, it’s hard to stop it all when you are living in the chaos of the towers of boxes, empty boxes strewn on the floor and half full boxes too.  The cheerios all over the floor, piles of items everywhere, nails sticking out of the walls empty of pictures, furniture standing empty of it’s belongings, piles at the door to sell, piles of garbage, piles of donations…it’s hard to stop.  Especially when there is a sudden concern that financing may fall through.  The momentum is too strong to just stop, at this point you keep going and keep hoping or is it really walking in faith – that it will all work out.

You especially want to keep the momentum, when you are making money off the items you don’t need, the thrill of simplifying, and for us that struggle to maintain friendships for various reasons… the invitation for you and your four children to have dinner at a friend from a previous lifetime’s house.  The shocking idea that it is possible to be solely responsible for four children and still have a social life.  For people to accept you and your children and to invite you in knowing that you don’t have a spouse to even out the socialization or to manage the dragons. The idea is exciting.  No way do I want to loose momentum now, no way will hope be lost.  The seed of a thought that God is going to do something awesome in this new/old place for me personally is thrilling and bubbles inside me with excitement.

If you know me, you can see me grinning ear to ear, jumping up and down, squealing, happy dancing, singing, or as I did as a child when I was excited to the brim…squeezing my cheeks with my fists…weird I know.  I am also happy to say that my expression of excitement has been passed down to at least one of my children.  Yes!

God won’t let me down.




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