Then it all falls apart.

And then all that momentum falls through the cracks.  That hope, that future, the up and up slips through your fingers like goo.  When the mortgage person was 99.9 percent certain it was all good.  The moving truck was booked, the child was in tutoring, the whole house is packed.  To 99.9 percent certain the house is gone from our grip.  The finance people were still asking questions an hour after the extended time.

Disappointed, heartbroken, defeated.  All good words to describe it.  Knowing you have to move because you cannot afford to stay where you are, yet having no place to go.  How are we going to find a place to fit us all yet again?  If we can’t how am I going to find a place I can afford on my own?  It’s a pickle of epic proportions.

Embrace the pain for now.  The sunshine will come back again and God is still God.  He hasn’t fallen off His throne.  Somehow it will all come together.


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