Castle Made of Boxes

The time in space when you are out of place! That’s what we are in.  Living in a castle made of boxes, with all the dragons on edge often leaving paths of rage.  Moves definitely affect little people, especially suspended in time ones.  Where everything we never played with but suddenly want is packed and and the stuff that is out is no longer desired and thrown on the floor.  Where stresses are at a high and patience is at a low and no one knows where we are going or when.  It’s a patient building, faith instilling place to be.

Our new box-less castle will be found soon!  A place we can call home, a place where there are friends not just acquaintances.  A place where purpose is found and gifts are developed.  Knights are trained, princesses are refined, adventure is discovered and where dreams really do come true.

This season of limbo sucks, but this too will end and a new season will eventually begin.

Photo on 3-23-17 at 9.44 AM.jpg
While I hid in a corner and bawled like a baby over the lost house my little dragons pulled out all…I mean ALL the wrapping paper and had a good old time.  Here is a remnant of the dragon wrapping paper on part of our castle of boxes.  Yes we just happen to have dragon wrapping paper! Ha! 




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