Let’s Skip School

Grounders, obstacle courses, running with the goats (yes for real goats), 4 parks, every ride in the mall, ice-cream, fairy gardens in back yards, scooters, puddle jumping, mud stomping, and so much more all in three days.  That’s what I call a good weekend.  My favorite part…playing grounders and the obstacle course with my little people.

There often seems to be a battle inside of me.  One that comes up with a million excuses to not play with the children versus the one that knows I only have this small moment in time to be with them.  To play with them and build the most amazing relationship with them that I can.  To show them I truly deeply love them.  You can’t build a relationship with someone unless you spend real time with them; interaction, pay attention to each other kind of time.  It’s true with spouses, friends,  God and your children.  If you want to build relationship you need to spend time together. Why would your children want to listen to you or spend time with you when they are grown if you don’t want it when they are little?  If you don’t cultivate that relationship now.

When I was in youth ministry I knew that the leader needs to build relationship with the teens first.  Then they will have greater impact on them later on.  Opportunity to speak into their lives with their ears open will come when relationship, trust, the knowledge that they are cared about is developed.  Why did I ever think it would be different with my own children?  It’s not.

Life is slightly (more than slightly) stressful lately.  Let’s just be real…I do not like this season of my life right now.  Patience and the great unknown mixed with living in boxes and co-parent issues makes for a ton of stress.  I decided that we needed to get away from it all and change our pace for  a moment.

Great decision!  I’m so thankful that I remembered what a huge chunk of my life is about.  My children.  Investing in them, loving on them, and just being with them…for real being with them.  It was wonderful and I encourage you to take a moment and just be; with your kids.  You don’t have to go bombard your out of town aunt’s house like us.  Just sit and play on the floor with them, read that story they keep begging you to read, play a board game, go for a walk holding hands, play tag at the park with them, anything.  Do something they love and choose to enjoy it simply because you love them.



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