I’m not sure how it happened but it all just happened!  An old friend just happened to buy a second house for their growing family and it worked out that they are able to rent it out to us until a more permanent home can be found.  Secretly I’m falling in love with this quirky old house; the built in’s, the nooks and crannies, the odd shaped rooms, the  bling-ed out door knobs.  It just so happened the mover was still available on April 4th.  It all just worked out.

So many “justs” but the “justs” are really just Jesus doing His thing.  He is amazing.  I don’t know how it all worked out but He took care of it.  No it wasn’t easy at all, but it all fell in place and I am pleased to say we are finally home.

Just driving around the cute little town I can feel this overwhelming sense of peace and just know that this is where we are meant to be.  This is home.  I’m still not certain why God has me back here, but I know it’s right.

I’m still not certain what church He wants us to plant in, but it will come.

I am not certain of many things but it will all continue to fall in place, but He has got my back.  The God that formed the universe and made the human body to function is quite able to take care of the little intricacies of my life.

Friday was a the most terrible day on this whole planet, yet Sunday was the most Epic one ever seen.  Today may seem like a whole bunch of fails, but just around the corner is an epic one where everything falls in place.  Don’t loose hope.  Just obey and have faith, trust in the One who has greater power than all.

Happy Easter!  Happy Day! Happy season whatever season you are in!



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