Hello Mother

Hello Mother!

Mother’s day is here (well in a few hours it will arrive).  I was wandering around a store this evening and it was full of men and children walking around with flowers and random items, with many conversations overheard about what mommy would like to have.  It was bitter sweet to hear all the loving fathers and children preparing to dote on the well deserving mothers, but realizing that it’s another year where my children don’t have a father present in their lives setting an example of how to love on those important in their lives.  It’s not just about a momma getting something, it’s about the children learning what love is and how to show it.  It’s about them seeing an example of respect and honor to those that devote their lives to others.  It’s about children seeing an example of a respectful and honorable man treating woman the way Christ treats us.  It’s so much more than mom getting stuff.

So as I walked around the store with two of my littles it was sweet to see all the fatherly examples walking around but sad because my children may possibly never experience that again, and the two littlest sitting in my shopping cart never have experienced that.

Having said all this no mother should ever be left out on this day that every other mother is celebrated.  Including my momma.  So,

Dearest Mother,

Thank you for embracing the call God had on your life for being my momma.  For doing the job He called you to do, the way He made you to do it. Your way, the way you are is the way He intended you to do it.  He made you my momma for a reason and chose you.  So thank you for loving me with all your God given mommy skills.

Thank you for loving me, letting me cuddle you well into the night and invade your two foot bubble space until dad came home late at night.  You gave me affection and touch and the intimacy that a child needs.  Thank you for taking me on random adventures to grandma’s house or parks or roadtrips.  It may not seem important but you taught me to live a life of adventure and to want more than just to sit at home and to enjoy life.  Thank you for giving me the time and space to play.  You let my imagination be free and creativity run.  Thank you for forcing me to clean up my toys to go to church.  You taught me priorities.  God is number one.  Thank you for praying with me.  Thank you for spending every halloween with me. Thank you for driving me around so I could rest or to talk.  Thank you for loving me for who I was, be it my troll obsession stage, my plaid shirt days, my quiet high school years, my cray cray incredibly embarrassing, shove it all in a dark hole and forget about it, young adult days and my wild ride, the past seven years.

Thank you for sacrificing everything to take me and my babies into your home and life.  Thank you for giving up your bubble space daily for them, your quiet, your finances, your privacy, your cleanliness, your organization, your plans, your routine, your life for us.  Thank you for not abandoning us when our ship was falling apart around us.  Thank you for having faith in me.  Thank you for trusting me always.  Thank you for loving me and every person that was ever important to me as if they were your own. It is not unnoticed by me or by God.  There are not enough thank you’s to thank you accurately.  There is nothing I can do that will show my gratitude properly.  Just know that I am so thankful for my mother growing up and for my mother that gave up everything to take me and my babies back home.

I love you momma (now to quit the sobbing).



To all those mommas who don’t have a husband or father doting on them, to those that don’t have a mother or friend or anyone filling in the gaps, I wish you the happiest of all mother’s days.  You give your whole life to others and know that it does not go unnoticed.  Your children will thank you and God, the one that chose you for the job notices and takes great pride in you.

Happy Mother’s day!


These people make me the happiest people on earth! I am so thankful for them.  I’m just going to throw it out there…it would be rocking if God called me to be mother to more! ha ha…shhhh don’t tell my mother that.  My story is not done yet.



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