You are enough.  You are good enough.  This is enough.

I sat in my lawn chair watching the kids play at the little beach we found in a little park right between the road and the river on our morning adventure.  Turner played with take out cups and sand quite content talking to herself and serving herself “ice cream” in her sweater, barefoot and chonies (underwear).  Addy curled up beside me in the picnic blanket having a rest.  Parker had rolled an old tree stump a huge distance and got it into the river.  She was attempting to sit on it and use it as a boat while her brother stood on the doc and “assisted her” by passing her another stick for a paddle.  It was quite entertaining to watch as every time she sat on it the log popped up behind her and she fell into the water.

Packing the picnic, the towels and gear into our coolers and folding wagon that we were just blessed with (amazing how God provides) and going on random adventures together somehow magically erases the grumpiness and fighting away.  Cruising, singing, dancing, playing guess what animal games until we find the perfect spot to park.  Then just being together while even doing our own things brings the world back into order.  The fresh air, the dirt, water, boats floating by, sticks and logs, weeping willows, places to explore, and even all alone,  is a more enjoyable than a man made playground to us.  It is a great place for us to be thankful for each other, remember that we are a family, that we are grateful for each other, that we enjoy each other, that enjoying life is good, that we are blessed to live where we do.

I am thankful for my people.  I am grateful that I am their mom.  I am grateful that they are my kids.  As I sat there thinking that I should probably be playing with them and as the guilt was about to set in, I was reminded that “this is enough.”  That just bringing them, singing with them, talking with them, cheering their boating endeavors, bringing them behind trees to pee is enough.  It’s enough.

They are learning to enjoy life and each other all with some dirt and water.

You are enough.  You are good enough.  You are doing a fantabulous job.  It is enough.

Three hours in this little piece of heaven until the mosquitos and freezing water was a little too much to bare.


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