For Who they Are.

There is a dinosaur load of parenting tips, suggestions, strategies, do’s and don’ts, good ways, bad ways…all opinions.

I try to keep my opinion to myself.  It’s just an opinion, it’s not right or wrong.  If someone asks I’ll speak up about  my way, but I try to keep “my way” to the way I live and not make the relationships around me about telling you about Jessi’s way.

We all have different parenting opinions, but amidst them all I am often reminded to just love my kids for who they are.

Love our kids for who they are.

Love them in the midst of their grumpiness, lack of good sleeping habits, love them when they cut their own hair – hair grows back, love them when one plays by lining their toys up in straight lines and another plays roughly with their toys, love them when they only eat cucumber or cake for supper – they won’t let themselves starve, love them when they are disrespectful in public – correct them but love them by moving on and not holding onto it for the rest of the day, love them if they are serious – not everyone is made to be bubbly, love them if they are bubbly and loud – a quiet mold isn’t for everyone to fit into, love them when they are sad – everyone has a sad moment, love them when they are a daredevil – put the helmet on and love them by letting them soar, love them when they express their anger with foot stomping, love them if they are slow as slugs getting ready in the morning, as they hide under the blankets on a school day, love them as they are for who they are.

Having four kids and I can verify that every child is different.  They aren’t all made to fit in the same mold.  As a parent it’s not my job to make them all behave and act the same way.  Same as a stranger or friend it’s not my job to impose my children’s molds onto your kids.

Amidst the chaos, the self-imposed mullets, foot stomping, belly dancing, stacking tables to make forts, fits over the wrong socks, and endless strange behaviors that we are all yet to experience as they grow I remember to love them for who they are.  For their serious independant side, their giggly loud thumb sucking side, their rough and wild boy side, and for their stand their ground baby of the family side.

Same goes for the human population in general.  Our opinions are just our opinions.  They are not necessarily right or wrong.  Love the humans in your life for who they are, not trying to impose our opinions that are neither right nor wrong on them.

As Romans 14 says, it doesn’t matter if we eat beef or broccoli, its the people that matter not the things we do, the ways we choose to live.

Love them for who they are.


This picture certainly shows some personality.  The one who does the exact opposite of what momma asks – who wants to do a pretty face anyways?  The momma’s boy, the always happy Addy and the baby.  I love them all.




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