So my father and I …think of Darth Vader saying father because that’s how I always hear it when I write it. Ha!  Ok so try again, my father and I have been in a time of transition, ministry wise, and we have been working our tails…ok mostly him, have been working our tails off learning to edit videos, record videos, website shenanigans, emails, Facebook, youtube, PayPal, etc.  Ok maybe it’s kinda half and half.

So amongst incredible amounts of boogers lately, bringing the kids on adventures so dad can record, preparing messages in between silent moments created by naps, veggie tales distractions and midnight hours.  In between the tantrums, beach adventures, babysitting, visits with family and friends, princess monopoly, groundings from TV because of plum old disobedience and birthday cake we have successfully launched our new and improved online ministry website.  Learning to thrive in life by going deeper.

Father teaches segments on the “deeper” portion of the site helping us to learn and grow through for real Bible study and teaching us exactly what God says in the Bible.  He is great at making the complicated stuff clear.  And I teach/speak on the “thrive” portion of the site encouraging us to live life the way God intended us to live through practical teachings we can apply to life right now.

It’s been quite the adventure getting everything to function properly and run smoothly but we did it!  We are up and live!

Just like my little people go from pooping in diapers, to toddling into walls, to wearing out running shoes, to the stages we are yet to discover, tween, teen and adulthood, we are meant to grow.  We are not made to stay the same.  We are not meant to stay in diapers forever.

How did little people grow?  They physically grow but they also grow mentally and they do it by learning.  By eating the sand, testing their walking skills, singing abc’s, reading, exploring and learning every day.  When we are adults we aren’t meant to stop growing.  There is not supposed to be a point in time where we say, “oh! I have reached my maximum capacity for growth and I know everything, no more growing for me.”

No we are made to continue to grow and grow by learning forever.  As we grow and learn we mature and get to experience even more of God’s amazing plan for our lives.

We aren’t made to stay in stinky diapers forever. Praise Jesus for that!  That’s the purpose of our ministry website.

God’s pretty cool.

I invite you check out the awesomeness!  www.epicchurch.org

And do me a favor if you like it, please share it both by word of mouth and Facebook, Facebook.com/epicchurchonline

Whoever you are…you are amazing right at this very moment in whatever adventure you find yourself in.


My current adventure.  The make shift recording studio.  Making it work while papa takes the babies on an “adventure” so I can record my message.  Real people talking about a real God.







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