Here we go again!

I booked this years camping trip again! Yikes!

4 kids + 1 mom = crazy!

Last year if you had asked me while we were in the middle of the; dirt infested children, stinky sweaty momma, living off of hotdogs and marshmallows, tent building with a 7 year old as your right hand man, peeing in a cup in the tent in the middle of the night, forgot the diapers and hats, broken flip flops, if I would do it again I would have straight up said, “Beans no way!”…Yes I would have said the beans because that’s how I roll.

But a day after we were home, ask me again and I would have said, “It was freaking hard, but now that I have recovered it was so worth it.”

So here I am almost a year later with another three days booked.

Maybe it will be easier with everyone a year older?  Quite possibly, but quite possibly not, now that the two littles are more independent and into everything a little bit more than before.

Regardless, a month from now we will pack up everything, cram it into the van (why do vans have no trunk space?  They are quite useless in the traveling and grocery shopping department) and adventure off to spend some time with just each other, surrounded by Jesus and trees, huge bugs that fall on me out of the trees, and the raccoon that climbed on our table 5 feet from my tent window while the kids slept.

I’m hoping it goes smoother this time so that we can use our tent more than three nights a year before we grow out of it. Ha!  But seriously, I hope the second time around is way better so that we can go again, because take away the stress, it is enjoyable to take a break from life.

In all honesty, it’s me that needs to take a chill pill…who cares if it takes 4 hours to put up our tent?  Who cares if I stink? I still get just as many hugs from small people.  I got this.  This year is going to be so much better.  It’s my choice.


Life this week.


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