My name is Sir.

“I have 9 names mom!” little K (4) told me.

“Oh yeah?  What are they?”

“Sir” and then he lists all his first, two middle and last


Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with his older sister’s emotional, crazy, out of control-ness that I forget to enjoy the moments with her.

It’s easy to enjoy the moments when they are little and cute and say hilarious things.

Not so easy when they test your patience, exude disrespect, anger and crazy emotions so often like my little P.

But as my little man reminded me to enjoy each season, today I will chose to enjoy this 8 year old season of his sisters life as well.  Sometimes it’s a choice we have to make to find the good, the small joys.  We have to purposefully look for the good in people sometimes and sometimes it’s even in our own kids.  If we don’t we might end up missing some of the best things in each stage and season of their lives.

I sure don’t want to to do that.

I will enjoy this season with her.


My little P has always been an entrepreneur.  At 5 years she made her own crayons and went door to door selling them.  She has been mowing the lawn and shoveling the snow since 6 years of age. She would set up “carnivals” and charge an entrance fee to neighborhood kids, she would spend a day making crafts and then sell them.

Lately she has been spending her Friday nights baking cupcakes all by herself and making juice, and cleaning up after herself.  Then Saturday morning passing up on her iPad time to set up and sell her goods.  She is diligent, hard working, wise and creative.  She saves some earnings for next weeks cake mix and juice that she buys herself, saves some, and spends some.  There is something special about this girl.




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