What we keep hearing is eventually what we believe.

Maybe that’s why every time I sit, relax and say “Hey God!”  His first response is almost always, “I love you Jessi.”

If you hear something enough, eventually it will become rooted in you and you will believe it.  It will become your perspective.

Maybe that’s why I no longer am so concerned about other peoples opinions of me, because I now believe deep down in my roots that God loves me.  That’s the only opinion I am concerned about.

But taking that concept into consideration…

“You’re being naughty.  Quit being rude and disrespectful.”

This momma might need to remember to re-word her statements.  “Remember, we are polite and respectful.”  A simple re-wording could change my children’s day and whole life.  Some ways I have this down, “Let’s use our wisdom”  instead of “don’t be stupid”…but there is always room for improvement isn’t there?

Now if I could figure out how to block the smell of illegal substance drifting into my house from whichever neighbor finds it necessary to smoke.  Someone else use of drugs requires me to take the Tylenol type of drug isn’t that a dumb circle? Ha!




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