Bring on Summer!

Last week…was one of those weeks.

Filled with endless time-outs, corrections, privileges taken away, even mustard in the mouth for the boy that refused to keep his saliva in his mouth.  The kid will now probably never like mustard…ever.  Tantrums. I mean yell, scream, hit, throw, hurt yourself kind of tantrums, we don’t do those small.  Disrespect, eye rolling, endless “No”, constant fighting between the siblings, whining, crying…you know the drill.

Ear infections (we’re on our third medicine and still fighting that battle), divorce stresses for momma and daughter, daddy issues,  stability, consistency, friends telling Parker that because she is moving and they can’t really be friends or go to birthdays anymore, evenings crying the hurts away.

Last week was just plain old bad…leave momma at the end of her rope hanging on for dear life, bad.

Then we had the first day of summer vacation.

Sweet bliss and that is with no sarcasm.

Majority of all sibling wars vanished, “yes mom” came back and life was so much more enjoyable again, the heartache didn’t go away, it’s still healing, but the kids literally almost turned around in a day.  I might still be recovering but it’s so much better.

I wondered why.  Why were they on the naughty list and then turned around in nearly a day?

Then it clicked in my sometimes thick head, that I received the girls report cards a week before school was out.  Leaving them to sit in their classes watching movies and doing assemblies most of the day.  For reals.  My kids aren’t made to sit still all day.  Turning them into wracking balls at home, from remaining so composed and contained during the day.  This makes me thankful for my choice in switching schools.

In September we will be attending a school were they have alternate seating options.  They can sit on a yoga ball during class.  Where the classes purposefully trying to keep the kids active and moving and not sitting in desks all day.  Let’s stand on our desks to practice measuring kind of learning.  I am thankful.

Leaving that horrible week behind and looking forward to spending the summer with my babies!  Party!  I truly do enjoy being with them.

Beaches, splash pads, painting days, crafts, parks, fishing, cards, board games, hide and seek tag,  I love being with them.

Enjoy your children.  Love them for who they are.  Spend time with them.  You are molding their future and it’s exciting!

Children are a blessing even in the midst of those terrible, horrible, no good weeks.



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