Shingles and two year olds

My life is as real and as messy as it gets.

A-“Momma can you wake up happy tomorow?”

Me -“Am I kinda grumpy in the mornings?”

A – “Kinda…a lot.  So can you just try?”

I’ve been trying!  But to all you morning people out there I could really use a bite from your super morning spider because on my own I’m just not a morning person.

Unfortunately that is the least messy thing of my current messiness.

From icky grown up junk to plain old kid craziness.

It all started with Addy getting an ear infection and then it moving to the other ear and then her screaming bloody murder when a fly flew past it…maybe a little exaggeration there, but there was a ton of screaming.  After 3 doctor visits at the “Skype” doctor because we of course have no family physician because we are waiting for them to get through our new patient paperwork.  Because because because.  3 doctor visits, 3 different medications, multiple Advil bottles and a good dose of olive oil and its gone.  Not without her managing to land on her upper back off the slide during these 2 weeks of ear infections and adding a heating pad and more Tylenol.  What 6 year old cracks their upper back and actually requests a heating pad?  One that is in serious pain and the same one that was in the ER a month ago for some random finger infection.  The same one that managed to lacerate her toe at a McDonalds playground a year ago, the same one that had her tonsils removed  Oy.  That girl.  I’m sure we all know one (I apologize now for my lack of periods the darn button refuses to work at every occasion)

Just wait it gets better  As we are dealing with screaming ears of death little Toodles as we like to call her, (the adorable big headed, big eyed, two year old) starts to develop a rash.  I know eczema, I know fever rashes, I know amoxacillin allergic rashes and grass allergic rashes but this sure wasn’t one of them.  But after 4 children I try really hard to be laid back and not overreact.  So resisting the urge I don’t take her in  (Dumb).

Until this bubble rash goes from her shoulder all the way down to her wrist and starts to creep up her neck.  I take her.  (Good mom).

After 3 more medications, 2 swabs of her mouth because by George it’s in her mouth!  (smack mom’s head).  And a very confused diagonis of shingles, chicken pox or some other crazy scary sounding name and a warning that if it gets much worse go to the hospital we go home.  And thank you Jesus, it is looking much better after day 2 of meds. Shingles and the two year old?! Fo real?!  My life is crazy.

But wait!  I walked back into the doctor today at 3pm and asked, “did you miss me?!”  Because 4 times in 2 weeks isn’t enough.

In I went with Parker, I chose after a shingles diagnosis that I shouldn’t “wait it out” which the staff totally understood.  Two more meds and tomorrow we get the privilege of going in for blood work to test for…da da dum…lime disease.  Darn bullseye.

Shingles and lime disease.  I’m so thankful that I have a big God that has my back and a hilarious 8 year old that randomly says, “Mom, you should join eharmony.”

When it rains it pours and hopefully soon I’ll be able to join eharmony and say yes I am divorced and have four healthy and a little wild children.

The life of one momma and four little trolls.




Throw back to my now 6 year old, the klutziest of them all, she found the coolest spot in the house. My empty fridge makes me thankful for WIC and where we are now.  Our fridge is always full and I’m not always sure how, but am thankful!






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