My name is Sir.

“I have 9 names mom!” little K (4) told me. “Oh yeah?  What are they?” “Sir” and then he lists all his first, two middle and last Hilarious. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with his older sister’s emotional, crazy, out of control-ness that I forget to enjoy the moments with her. It’s easy to … More My name is Sir.

Here we go again!

I booked this years camping trip again! Yikes! 4 kids + 1 mom = crazy! Last year if you had asked me while we were in the middle of the; dirt infested children, stinky sweaty momma, living off of hotdogs and marshmallows, tent building with a 7 year old as your right hand man, peeing … More Here we go again!

My Opinion

Is anyone else incredibly bothered by the things that are ok to some, but if your perspective is different it’s not ok.  As if one group of people’s opinion is the only way? I was sitting with Addy in the hospital last Sunday with a finger that had a significant strange bubble on it (burn … More My Opinion

3 Years Later

Seperation and divorce. Those are now a part of my life.  Something I never dreamed or planned to be part of my life.  Marriage is something I fought for like a dragon fighting to keep it’s treasure.  I gave it every once of energy.  It is something I lost. Marriage is a two person road. … More 3 Years Later

Asparagus Pee

Sometimes we just feel turmoil on the inside.  Our lives may be completely uncomplicated and normal or they may be a little cray cray.  But we have all felt that unsatisfied, something isn’t right, something needs to be fixed feeling. Your life may be perfectly normal at the moment or your 8 year old may … More Asparagus Pee


Hello! So my father and I …think of Darth Vader saying father because that’s how I always hear it when I write it. Ha!  Ok so try again, my father and I have been in a time of transition, ministry wise, and we have been working our tails…ok mostly him, have been working our tails … More Epic

For Who they Are.

There is a dinosaur load of parenting tips, suggestions, strategies, do’s and don’ts, good ways, bad ways…all opinions. I try to keep my opinion to myself.  It’s just an opinion, it’s not right or wrong.  If someone asks I’ll speak up about  my way, but I try to keep “my way” to the way I … More For Who they Are.


You are enough.  You are good enough.  This is enough. I sat in my lawn chair watching the kids play at the little beach we found in a little park right between the road and the river on our morning adventure.  Turner played with take out cups and sand quite content talking to herself and … More Enough

Hello Mother

Hello Mother! Mother’s day is here (well in a few hours it will arrive).  I was wandering around a store this evening and it was full of men and children walking around with flowers and random items, with many conversations overheard about what mommy would like to have.  It was bitter sweet to hear all … More Hello Mother

Reality Check

It’s 9:25pm. I am sitting in my bedroom, in my rocker, in the dark.  I just successfully got K to sleep in his own bed by singing, while rocking a resistant T to sleep while crying.  Yes me crying.  Then after using my ninja skills to lay T in my bed I had to reprimand … More Reality Check