Breeding Clutter

Often times I remind myself of how the house in Cheaper by the Dozen looked.  The counter full of dishes that were knocked over, the shoes, the closet stuffed with stuff and the yard full of toys.  I try to ignore the fact that it was a movie and remind myself  that I’m not the … More Breeding Clutter

Divorce Sucks

Divorce sucks. Plain and simple, it’s not elegant, sophisticated, enlightening or freeing.  It just sucks The other sleepless night it hit me that I have been a single mom for three years now.   Three of the toughest years of my life and I pray they remain the toughest and stay right there in the … More Divorce Sucks

Bring on Summer!

Last week…was one of those weeks. Filled with endless time-outs, corrections, privileges taken away, even mustard in the mouth for the boy that refused to keep his saliva in his mouth.  The kid will now probably never like mustard…ever.  Tantrums. I mean yell, scream, hit, throw, hurt yourself kind of tantrums, we don’t do those … More Bring on Summer!


What we keep hearing is eventually what we believe. Maybe that’s why every time I sit, relax and say “Hey God!”  His first response is almost always, “I love you Jessi.” If you hear something enough, eventually it will become rooted in you and you will believe it.  It will become your perspective. Maybe that’s … More Rooted

My name is Sir.

“I have 9 names mom!” little K (4) told me. “Oh yeah?  What are they?” “Sir” and then he lists all his first, two middle and last Hilarious. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with his older sister’s emotional, crazy, out of control-ness that I forget to enjoy the moments with her. It’s easy to … More My name is Sir.

Here we go again!

I booked this years camping trip again! Yikes! 4 kids + 1 mom = crazy! Last year if you had asked me while we were in the middle of the; dirt infested children, stinky sweaty momma, living off of hotdogs and marshmallows, tent building with a 7 year old as your right hand man, peeing … More Here we go again!

My Opinion

Is anyone else incredibly bothered by the things that are ok to some, but if your perspective is different it’s not ok.  As if one group of people’s opinion is the only way? I was sitting with Addy in the hospital last Sunday with a finger that had a significant strange bubble on it (burn … More My Opinion

3 Years Later

Seperation and divorce. Those are now a part of my life.  Something I never dreamed or planned to be part of my life.  Marriage is something I fought for like a dragon fighting to keep it’s treasure.  I gave it every once of energy.  It is something I lost. Marriage is a two person road. … More 3 Years Later